Thursday, August 4, 2011

It was five days after Aseman birth that I found she has DS and it was the worth day of all of my life. I never think about it and I had no knowledge. I thought this is the end of my life, the end of my happiness and the end of my dreams. I just saw some DS people in the street and never had conversation with them. I always think this is a familiar issue and I have no problem!!!! Anyway, the first days were really bad, I search and search and nothing was found but list of uncountable disease and problems come along with Down syndrome. I had no hope and it was just crying and praying for her dying before she torture.
Three weeks passed like this and then we got the result of her Cariotype test and we found she has translocation but very rare type. In fact she has 21:21 and it means she has not have 47 chromosomes (in tiresomy 21 people have 47 chromosomes instead of 46)  but arm’s of one of  her 21th chromosome broke and stick to other one and this made all abnormalities. And it was the first step for changing my mind, do you know why? Because for finding some information about 21;21 I found this blog and it was the first step to see people and kids whit DS but by a routine and good life. From Christina blog I visited other groups and blogs and it opened a new door on me and my little angel.  I wish it is a good start for new life with new condition. Now I am really dependent to cyber space!


محمد Mohammad said...

Viva cyber!
Viva Aseman!
Viva Maman Soha!

my family said...

hi! just found you through Patti's blog.....welcome to blog land, I hope you meet meet many inspiring families, I know I have :)

Patti said...

I mentioned you on my blog, Soha...I hope many more people come to read your blog. Hugs to you! :)

محمد Mohammad said...

why dont u write more?!

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